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Updated on November 10, 2023

Fruit Blast

Fruit Blast Slot Review 2024

It’s not often that we come across casino games that are completely unique in their own right, but this is definitely the case with Fruit Blast slot by SkillzzGaming for Microgaming that offers players a hands-on approach to casino slots. Taking gamification to the next level, this Fruit Blast game allows you to navigate through a series of levels by matching up clusters of three symbols or more on the grid. The absolutely unique part here is that you’ll be doing all of the matching yourself rather than relying on an automated system that’s found in every other slot. For this reason, a certain element of skill is introduced to the game with players needing to make the rapid decision to decide whether they would rather clear out one category from the grid rather than another for instance. Curious to know more about this game before deciding whether you’d like to play Fruit Blast online at a slot site? We’ve got you covered – join us in discovering more.

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Fruit Blast Overview

general detailsGeneral Details

Slot Name Fruit Blast
Launched 09/2017
Provider Microgaming IconMicrogaming

game details Game Details

RTP 96.12% Paylines
Volatility Medium Min Bet £0.80
No. of Reels 5 Max Bet £100

Fruit Blast Slot Details, RTP and Volatility 

Now before we play Fruit Blast slot, it’s always a good idea to take a look at the basic structure in order to know what to expect. In this case we’re looking at a 5×5 grid that makes use of the Cluster Pays game machine that rewards you for forming clusters made up of matching symbols on the grid rather than relying on paylines. 

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Fruit Blast Theme – All About the Fruit Bar 

When it comes to theme and design with Fruit Blast slot, the game revolves around the concept of a fruit bar, starting with the fruit symbols on the grid all the way to the assortment of bar tenders you’re able to unlock along the way. 

Each bartender comes with its own specific rewards and potential achievements as we’ll see in the bonus section below. On the grid itself, we’re essentially looking at a selection of fruit which could potentially form part of your next smoothie. 

Fruit Blast Bonus Features 

Let’s get into the juicy part – pun totally intended. What about the bonus features in Fruit Blast slot? First off, this Fruit Blast game includes a series of Multipliers that are attached to each particular fruit. The only way of unlocking these is by filling up the respective bars located to your left, which include a max multiplier up to 10x that’s associated with the Pineapple symbol. 

In terms of special symbols, we’ve got a Jackpot symbol that allows you to hit a max win worth 1,000x your bet for blasting off a cluster, as well as a Bonus tile that will allow you to trigger the bonus feature that’s unique to each bartender. 

As you collect stars following any wins whenever you play Fruit Blast online, you’ll be able to collect points that allow you to unlock new bartenders with new special features. These include: 

  • Level 1 – no special features included 
  • Level 2 – instant win up to 8x your bet 
  • Level 5 – five free spins with guaranteed wins 
  • Level 9 – pick n’ collect game with cash prizes worth up to 115x your bet 
  • Level 12 – pick n’ collect game with cash prizes worth up to 196x your bet 
  • Level 15 – fills up one fruit bar with a max win worth 10x your bet 
  • Level 19 – one free spin with a 10 multiplier and guaranteed win 
  • Level 22 – awards a base prize that you’re able to double for a max win worth up to 64x your bet 
  • Level 25 – pick n’ collect game with cash prizes worth up to 170x your bet 

Fruit Blast Slot Symbols 

Let’s take a closer look at the symbols that make up this Fruit Blast online slot along with their respective values on the paytable. 


Blast Jackpot tiles off the grid next time you play Fruit Blast slot for a win worth up to 1,000x your bet. 


Blasting Bonus tiles off the grid allows you to trigger a bonus feature any time you play Fruit Blast online. 


Fill up the bar with Cherry symbols next time you play Fruit Blast slot for a win that’s 0.5x your bet. 


Next up, we’ve got the Lemon symbol that’s ready to share a 1x win any time you fill up the entire bar. 


Moving along the Fruit Blast game paytable, we’ve got the Grapes symbol that’s ready to share a 2x win whenever you fill up the entire bar. 


Fill up the entire Watermelon bar next time you play Fruit Blast online for a win that’s 5x your bet. 


And finally, we’ve got the Pineapple that’s the sweetest fruit of them all, awarding a 10x win any time you fill up its respective fruit bar. 

Top Reasons to Play Fruit Blast Slot 

If you’re on the lookout for a slot that’s completely out of the norm, Fruit Blast slot might just be it. You’re able to play Fruit Blast online at new slot sites on all devices, including computers, tablets, e-readers, as well as your mobile phone. 

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