Written by Alex Steele

Updated on February 22, 2024

Blackjack Casinos

Hundreds of Blackjack sites in the UK offer virtual and live games, but in this guide, you’ll only learn about the very best ones. Our team of iGaming experts has analysed numerous sites to determine which offered the best combination of value, entertainment, and excitement.  Keep reading to learn the best online Blackjack tips from the pros and access exclusive bonuses as soon as you sign-up.

Best Online Blackjack Sites in the UK 2024 

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Hundreds of Blackjack sites in the UK offer virtual and live casino games, but in this guide, you’ll only learn about the very best ones. Our team of iGaming experts has analysed numerous sites to determine which offered the best combination of value, entertainment, and excitement. 

Keep reading to learn the best online Blackjack tips from the pros and access exclusive bonuses as soon as you sign-up. 

How We Rank the Best Online Blackjack Casinos 

Blackjack sites must fulfil a stringent set of criteria to make it onto our list of top UK online casinos. The following are the most important characteristics which our team looks at to determine whether a site is truly one of the best in the UK.

Variety of Online Blackjack Games 

Top sites must, understandably, offer a comprehensive choice of games. These must include online Live Blackjack tables, several variants, and high roller tables. With such a choice, players can play at the tables that best suit their bankrolls and personal preferences without ever needing to settle for anything less. 

Blackjack Mobile Casinos 

All the best casinos must cater to a significant portion of UK players that prefer to play on smartphones or tablets. Thanks to the adoption of mobile-friendly technologies, you can play online Blackjack for real money on your handheld device without needing to download an app or any other additional software. 

Blackjack Bonuses & Promotions 

It’s not just the best online Blackjack casinos that provide player bonuses for this and other table games. However, top sites are able to create casino bonuses and promotions that Blackjack players find valuable and that are subject to reasonable T&Cs. In addition, several sites hold tournaments where capable players can win trophy prizes. 

Customer Support 

Our recommended Blackjack casinos online value their players and show their appreciation by offering round-the-clock support through several channels. Live chat is generally the preferred option, but email, and sometimes, telephone, are also available. This means that whenever players need assistance from these sites, they’re sure to get it. 

Payment Options 

To play real money Blackjack, players must be able to use safe and convenient casino payment methods. Our recommended casinos typically support multiple payment options, including cards, payment vouchers, and eWallets. Moreover, they support low minimum deposit limits and are able to process payouts in a timely manner. 

Licence from the UKGC 

The best Blackjack sites UK must all be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Casinos that have not passed the in-depth protocols required to attain this license have absolutely no place on our top list. To attain this license, new casino operators need to prove that their sites and games are safe and fair and that players can expect a professional and secure environment. 

How to Start Playing at the Best Blackjack Sites UK 

One of the many benefits of using the Blackjack casinos featured in this guide is that you can register an account, place a deposit, get rewards, and start playing in less than 10 minutes. All you need to do is follow these steps: 

  1. Choose one of the PlatinPlay-recommended UKGC-licensed Blackjack real money casinos
  1. Register an account by providing your personal information. 
  1. Choose a payment method and place a qualifying first deposit to claim your welcome bonus. 
  1. Pick the virtual or live casino Blackjack game that you wish to play. 

Blackjack Variations Available at Online Blackjack Sites 

Beyond simply offering the classic version, the best online Blackjack casinos feature a wide range of popular variants. While all of these games are based on classic rules, they differ in one way or another, providing seasoned players with an opportunity to implement fresh strategies and place different bets. 

  • Multi-Hand Blackjack – Rather than playing a single hand per round, Multi-Hand Blackjack allows you to play up to five hands simultaneously. 
  • Double Attack Blackjack – This variation allows you to double your stake once you’ve seen the dealer’s face-up card. You can also take the Insurance bet as well as split or double. 
  • Switch Blackjack – Play two hands at the same time whilst being able to switch the top card of either hand. This variation typically alters payouts, and Blackjacks pay 1:1 instead of 3:2. Moreover, if a dealer gets 22, the game ends in a push. 
  • Blackjack Double Exposure – In this version, you’ll get to see both of the dealer’s cards to help you take the best decisions. However, the dealer’s rules also vary, giving the house a higher edge. 
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack – While very similar to the classic online casino Blackjack, this version allows you to split up to four hands and doubling down is possible after a split. Furthermore, the dealer always has to stand on a soft 17. 
  • European Blackjack – A stricter version of Blackjack, the European variant only lets players split 10-value cards, and even then, only one split is allowed per player. In addition, the dealer is not able to check the face-down card, even if the face-up card is an Ace. 
  • Blackjack Perfect Pairs – This variant is based on the classic Blackjack rules, but also includes a Perfect Pairs side bet. To win this bet, the first two cards that you are dealt must match. 
  • American Blackjack – The American version of the game allows the dealer to peek at the face-down card before players have completed their turn when the face-up card is an Ace. 
  • Blackjack Surrender – With this version of the game, players can opt to surrender and lose half of their bets rather than be forced to continue playing with the possibility of losing their entire wager. Used properly, the surrender strategy can lower the house edge by up to 0.1%. 

Tips to Play Online Blackjack for Real Money 

No matter your virtual or live online Blackjack playing experience, you could always benefit from a few extra tips. The team at PlatinPlay has spoken to the pros and found that these tips can help improve the overall performance of any player. 

  1. Don’t make huge wagers on one bet – As with any casino game, you should spread your bankroll to be able to play multiple rounds. Most experts agree that you should use about 3% of your total bankroll per round. 
  1. Don’t split tens – If you’re holding two, 10-value cards, your hand is a 20. Beating a 20 is rather unlikely, so you’d be better off keeping your 10s and winning one hand instead of splitting and losing two hands. 
  1. Never take insurance – The simple reason for this is, mathematics. Only when the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace is this alternative side bet possible. Mathematically, there is a 31.5% of winning an insurance bet, which also means that you’ll probably lose it 68.5% of the time. 
  1. Double down if you have 11 – There are more 10-value cards than any other number. This means that the next card that is dealt to you is more likely to carry 10 points and give you a total of 21. 
  1. Avoid hitting on hands like 12 or 13 – This all depends on the dealer’s face-up card, as there are times, such as when the up-card is a 9 or Ace, when hitting is the better decision. Nevertheless, if the dealer’s face-up card is a 4, 5, or 6, you should always stand. 
  1. Manage your bankroll – You should always go for the long game when playing virtual or live Blackjack online. Staying in control of your bankroll and emotions is vital to ensure that you take the right actions at the right time, avoiding the temptation to bet more than you can afford. 

Live Blackjack Casinos 

In addition to playing in a virtual environment against the computer, our top platforms let you play in the company of other real players and professional-trained dealers. Live Blackjack UK is available across our list of recommended sites, and just like in the virtual format, you’ll find a collection of classic tables and variations. 

Here is an overview of the main pros and cons of live dealer Blackjack online. 

Live Blackjack Advantages Live Blackjack Drawbacks 
Realistic and authentic games Slower game pace 
Genuine interaction  Likelihood of technical failures 
Security Fewer game variations available 
Excellent views Higher bet limits 

One of the main attractions of playing Live Blackjack casino games is that you’re immersed in a realistic casino environment. Live tables allow tens or even hundreds of players to play the game at the same time. Although each player has the same starting hand, the decisions they make throughout the game will affect their own result.  

The best online Blackjack casinos for live games will also give you the opportunity to interact with the other players and the dealer. Using live chat, you’ll be able to congratulate other players, ask questions, or even celebrate your own successes. 

Online Blackjack live dealer games are just as safe as any other type of casino game, but also provide additional security as they keep your personal information hidden from view. Since only nicknames are used to identify players, your name or location won’t be shared or publicly available. 

One of the hallmarks of top Blackjack live casinos is that no matter how early or late you are to the table, you are guaranteed to get the best view of the house. Thanks to high-definition, multi-angle cameras, all participating players get an unobstructed and central view of the cards and the dealer, along with an intuitive graphic interface that allows them to place bets and manage their game with ease. 

While there are certainly many advantages to playing casino Live Blackjack, there are also some disadvantages. Since you are playing alongside others, the overall round time is longer than it would be if you were playing alone. Betting times are fixed, so even after you’ve placed your wager, you need to wait for the time to end before a game can begin. 

Due to the high-definition and live broadcast, playing Live Blackjack requires more data and technical glitches, while still rare, are more common than in virtual games. In addition, due to the higher costs of operating live studios, most tables require higher minimum wagers than virtual tables. Players will also find a smaller collection of variations since less popular variants are deemed unfeasible for live formats. 

Mobile Blackjack Casino Online 

All the best Blackjack sites in the UK that we’ve featured in this guide support mobile gameplay on smartphones and tablets. In most cases, no app download is necessary as casinos have developed mobile-friendly platforms that feature mobile-ready online games. 

All the major and most of the smaller software providers that work with casinos in the UK have been developing mobile-first games for a while now. This means that players no longer need an app or any additional software to play Blackjack online for real money. Instead, they can access a mobile casino site, choose a game, and start playing on mobile with just a few taps. 

The mobile experience offered by our recommended list of Blackjack sites is responsive and intuitive. No matter your screen size or orientation, you’ll be able to enjoy realistic and entertaining games and access all the tools and betting options in a convenient manner. This experience is also available for live games, so you’ll be able to carry all your favorite tables in your hand and join them from anywhere. 

Best Online Blackjack Sites FAQs 

Here are the most common questions about blackjack sites.

You can use any of the featured Blackjack sites to play virtual and live dealer versions of the game. All of these sites are safe and legal in the UK. In addition, they welcome all new players with a generous welcome bonus and support several payment methods and mobile gameplay.

There are many different variations of Blackjack online casino games, however, most players usually start by playing the classic version. Most variants vary ever so slightly from the classic rules, so most players find no difficulty to transition from one version to another.

Yes, all the online casinos that we’ve featured in this guide are legally available in the UK. These sites have obtained an operator’s license issued by the UK Gambling Commission and adhere to industry-standard measures designed to protect users and funds.

Yes, the PlatinPlay team of online casino experts has chosen casinos that are duly licensed in the UK and that have obtained fairness certifications from independent test labs. These labs audit both virtual and live games to ensure that results are fair and unbiased.

Different tables at the best Blackjack sites in the UK treat the dealer’s rule of 17 differently. In most versions of the game, the dealer must hit on 16 or lower and must stand on 17 or higher. However, in a few versions, the dealer must also hit with a soft 17, which means, a hand value that totals 17 points but that also includes an Ace.

There are over 100 online casinos that offer one or more Blackjack tables in the country. Choosing which one to play can be difficult, so we’ve written this guide to help you make your choice easier. In it, you’ll find a list of the best Blackjack casinos and an explanation of the main criteria used to pick them.

Yes, all the online casinos that we’ve featured in this guide are legally available in the UK and offer several real Blackjack tables. In most cases, you can wager a minimum of £1 at these tables, but you will also be able to find high roller or VIP tables designed for whales.

It’s impossible to choose an online Blackjack casino and declare it as being the best for everyone. Players have different playing styles, bankrolls, and favourite variants, so different sites appeal to different players. In this guide, we’ve featured a top list to help narrow your search and make it easier to find a safe platform that matched your preferences.

You can use any of the featured casinos to play Blackjack with a live dealer in the UK. These games are safe and easy to play and are also accessible on mobile. You will find several tables that accept £1 minimum bets as well as live games that feature exciting variations of classic rules.

To play Blackjack online, we suggest picking a PlatinPlay-approved online casino. Once you’ve signed up and placed a deposit, you’ll be able to start playing immediately. If you’re unsure of the rules or paytable, you’ll find these details available in the options menu of each game.